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Innovation Showcase

Stories of successful startup companies start with one common theme: a spark, a bright idea, a "Eureka" moment. This session highlights the innovative technologies of three young startup companies and aims to inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs. Speakers in this session will demonstrate their startup company’s innovative flagship technologies:

  • Eric Giler from WiTricity will demonstrate their wireless electricity device that can  deliver over a distance to power standard electronics.
  • Dr. Cory Kidd from Intuitive Automata’s will demonstrate Autom™, their socially interactive robot that coaches people to stick with their diets.
  • Dr. F. Joe Pompei from Holosonics will demonstrate Audio Spotlight, their a device that targets sound to a specific listener.

Eric Giler
CEO, WiTricity Corporation

Eric joined WiTricity in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer, and is a member of WiTricity’s Board of Directors. Prior to WiTricity, he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groove Mobile, a provider of mobile music commerce platforms, from April 2006 until its acquisition by LiveWire Mobile in March 2008. Eric was the founder and served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Brooktrout Inc., a provider of telecom software and hardware platforms, from 1984 until its acquisition by EAS Group, Inc. in October 2005. Under Eric’s leadership, Brooktrout grew to over $150M in annual revenue, and had a successful IPO in 1992. Eric serves on the boards of directors of SoundBite Communications and Muse Research, and is a trustee of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.  He is the author of eight patents. Eric holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Cory Kidd
Founder / CEO, Intuitive Automata

Dr. Cory Kidd is the founder and CEO of Intuitive Automata, a consumer robotics company that creates socially interactive robots to help people address their healthcare challenges. Dr. Kidd received his M.S. and Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in human-robot interaction, a new field combining robotics, artificial intelligence, and psychology, among other disciplines. While there, he conducted studies that showed the advantages of using a physical robot over animated characters or computer applications. He also conducted a study showing the efficacy of his weight loss coach in helping people to diet and did work in local nursing homes with robotic companions for elderly individuals.

Prior to his work at MIT, Dr. Kidd received his BS in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. While there he was a part of the Aware Home Research Initiative, a focused research effort that was looking for ways to allow older people to live in their homes longer. He managed the research project and taught undergraduate-level courses on related technologies.

Intuitive Automata Inc. and Intuitive Automata Hong Kong Limited create robots that help people in their everyday lives. Located in Hong Kong, the company is currently building a weight loss coach that has been shown to be effective at
keeping people on their diets for longer than traditional diets and weight loss programs.

Dr. Joseph Pompei
Founder and President, Holosonics

Beginning his career in acoustics at 16 as the youngest engineer at Bose Corporation, Dr. Joseph Pompei continued at Bose while earning a degree in Electrical Engineering with an Electronic Arts minor from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Recognizing the importance and underutilization of spatialized sound, he decided to pursue research in psychoacoustics at Northwestern University, earning a Master's degree. Acutely aware of the limitations of traditional loudspeakers, he had the idea of using ultrasound as an acoustic projector, and developed the fundamental technology at the MIT Media Lab while earning his Ph.D. With only $2000 seed capital, he founded Holosonics to commercialize the technology, and with his team at Holosonics grew it quickly to profitability.

Scott Kirsner, Moderator
Innovation Economy Columnist, Boston Globe

Scott Kirsner's column, Innovation Economy, appears in the Globe every Sunday, and he also maintains a companion blog at Kirsner’s writing has also appeared in BusinessWeek, Variety, The New York Times, and other publications.
Kirsner is the author of the book "The Future of Web Video," editor of "The Convergence Guide: Life Sciences in New England," and a contributor to "The Good City: Writers Explore 21st Century Boston." Kirsner was part of the founding team of in 1995, and he is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication.

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